The Main Reason Why You Should Consume More Avocados

People love to consume food that are high in fat—the bad kind of fat.

But did you know that you can indulge in food containing good fats? (Dark chocolates, anyone?) One excellent example are avocados. This unique fruit is packed with monounsaturated fats that are actually good for your system!


While avocados are considered one of the fattiest plant foods out there, majority of its fatty content is actually oleic acid—a “heart-healthy” that has the same health benefits found in olive oil.

There are many ways you can enjoy avocados and incorporate them into your diet:

Eat them raw


I personally do this or sometimes mix it with coconut sugar for added sweetness. A perfect afternoon snack.

Make a smoothie

Who doesn’t love avocado shakes?! Tip: go for soy milk for an even healthier experience.

Make a guacamole dip

Perfect for your soft tacos.

Add it in your burrito

It’s a good blend with another veggies and spices.

Sushi rolls

Again, who doesn’t love sushi? If you’re feeling more creative, try making Alaskan avocado roll.

Groundbreaking? Not really. Many people have known these for years, but sadly still choose to go for unhealthy fats found in meat and junk food most of the time due to a variety of reasons: traditions, cultures and the lack of knowledge on healthier alternatives, which, if you look at it, is quite ironic because 1) we have all the access to information that we need to eat more healthily 2) people have been brainwashed with the idea that only what tastes good is good for your body. Newsflash: WRONG.

Try one of these recipes and see if you won’t be convinced to incorporate more healthier options in your meals. It’s worth a try—and they taste great, too! Happy weekend y’all!


Why Increasing Your Fiber Intake Is Important

Ever since I started my journey to veganism last year — from eliminating beef in my diet (I had already stopped consuming pork in 2013), to briefly becoming pescetarian (fish, vegetables and fruits), to finally embracing vegetarianism and eventually having a complete plant-based diet for health reasons, I have made a conscious effort to increase my intake of fiber-packed foods to make sure I support my body system while coping with the changes in my food consumption.


This is for obvious reasons: while it’s given that your body will most likely be able to digest vegan food, I wanted to be sure that I was eliminating the wastes from all the animal produce I had consumed pre-vegan stage. To have that “peace of mind” that I was genuinely getting rid of any traces of non-plant produce in my system. I know, it’s probably the obsessive-compulsive in me that wanted to do that. But since I was going vegan, that was ultimately the goal, right?

Which brings me to my fascination towards food that are rich in fiber. Dietary fiber, according to,  includes the parts of plant foods your body can’t digest or absorb. Unlike other food components, such as fats, proteins or carbohydrates — which your body breaks down and absorbs — fiber isn’t digested by your body. Instead, it passes relatively intact through your stomach, small intestine and colon and out of your body.


Simply put, fiber — which can be found mainly in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and NOT in animal meat and dairy products — plays a vital role in cleaning the wastes in your digestive system, thus, helping reduce the risk of developing certain health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and constipation, as well as promote weight loss and proper digestion. Powerful, isn’t it? But the sad thing is, most people do not get enough fiber (from real food, not supplements) in their diet because there’s just too much hype on protein being the popular super nutrient out there. Wrong. It’s not the only thing people should pay attention to when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not to go all geeky here with all the science and health stuff, I’ll just leave you with a list of five of my most preferred high-fiber foods that I personally make an effort to include in my daily meals whether at home, at work, eating out or traveling:

1. Beans


There are a lot of beans out there, but black beans are the easiest to source or look for in the supermarket.

2. Lentils

A photo posted by Miaka (@mimi.nom) on Jul 16, 2016 at 9:49pm PDT


I love a good lentil salad or what’s becoming more popular now — the lentil burger.

3. Chickpeas

A photo posted by Gyongyver Szabo (@szgyvr) on Jul 17, 2016 at 2:52am PDT


Ok I’m obsessed with chickpeas. It’s not only packed with fiber nutrients, but also plant protein and iron. I once tried these vegan nuggets made from chickpeas at a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore (Jadeite in the very old Bugis Cube, whose owners were totally lovely and accommodating despite their lack of English skills) and was totally floored and amazed by how delicious it was.

4. Blackberries

A photo posted by @farbigkeit on Jul 17, 2016 at 1:28am PDT


I fell in love with blackberries after my parents sent me this superb blackberry jam from Canada and was pleased to know that blackberries are extremely high in fiber. I’ve always looked forward to hunting for blackberries when I’m traveling out of the country ever since. It also helps that I still prefer my BlackBerry phone over the iPhone (even if I own one), I guess? LOL. #oldschool

5. Steel-cut oats


While rolled oats are the more common type of oat cereals that people consume, steel-cut oats are the least processed type of oats (they are merely groats cut into small pellets instead of going through steaming and flattening) and are totally more enjoyable to eat than rolled oats because of its chewy texture. Or let’s just say it’s the fancier version of the traditional oat cereals. Ha.

There you have it. For this post, I just wanted to highlight the importance of fiber in our nutrition and you’d be happy to know that there are tons of othet high-fiber foods that you can easily incorporate into your meals (Google away) for an overall better health.

Going healthy is badass. Own it. x


It’s been a while but we’re back

Hi guys!

Our apologies if our company has been quiet for the past few months. This year has been a crazy whirlwind of (personal) opportunities and breakthroughs, and while we remain passionate and dedicated to the organic/healthy/fitness community, sadly, the business had to take a back seat to give way to new projects — local and international — but our operations for L’O didn’t stop completely.

Anyways, the good news is we’re back and will be active again with producing and sharing creative and inspiring content for our readers and we hope you’ll keep supporting us!

Stay tuned for our announcements soon. x

Warm regards,

Dan Buenaventura


#LOvefirstanniv 11-21-15

#LOvefirstanniv was a huge success! We’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took time to celebrate our first anniversary with us. We hope you enjoyed every minute of it as much as we did planning and preparing the celebration.

IMG_4416The sangria was a big hit!

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So was our organic coffee, served with love by Café Alezon’s lovely owner herself, Anna.

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We did sampling of our organic turmeric juice as well, mixed with our calamansi lemonade juice.

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And of course, our limited edition anniversary cookies! They’re vegan and vegetarian.

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Now onto the guests…

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We also launched our Christmas gift bundles at the party – you can now get yours at

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We did it! L’O & Café Alezon make an excellent team.Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThank you once again to everyone who came and showed support for our anniversary party!

#LOvefirstanniv Party!

Ahhh, this is it! #LOvefirstanniv, our first birthday celebration, is finally happening on November 21st!


And as a follower of #lorganique over the past year, we are giving you a chance to celebrate and party with us! The mechanics is very simple: just repost this flyer on Instagram or share it on Facebook and tell us why you’d like to join in the fun! Piece of (healthy) cake, right? Don’t forget to tag @lorganiqueshop (Instagram) or L’ORGANIQUE Shop (Facebook) and our official event hashtag: #LOvefirstanniv.

We’re going to make sure the travel to the south will be worth it ~ we’ll have cocktails, Mexican + Italian food, good music and of course, exclusive anniversary discounts for your advanced Christmas shopping! Maybe someone from the PBB house may show up. 😉 Our little celebration is happening at our L’O HQ/home, Café Alezon, a beautiful gem in BF Homes Parañaque that y’all need to see!


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We will be announcing the three lucky winners who will be our special guests at the event on November 14, just a week before the official anniversary date! See you there!



Team L’O

L’O now available at Alezon Bakery

We’re so excited to share with you that your favorite #lorganique goods are now available at the newest breakfast place in the heart of BF Homes Parañaque – Alezon Bakery!

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Alezon Bakery & Bistro is the second brainchild of Venjoy Alegre, owner of Café Alezon, our all-time favorite hangout spot in BF. Everyone knows by now that Café Alezon, a.k.a. L’O HQ, is our trusted partner café and we are just so thankful to have been given another platform to promote and sell our fresh organic goods in the south area. (Shoutout to Tito V and his lovely wife Anna!)

If you are looking for that ultimate Filipino breakfast and snacks (pan de sal + coffee) on the go, we highly recommend this place – you will not only love the food but also get inspired by its interiors! Theirs walls are decorated with vintage movie posters and the tables are accompanied by vintage décors; it almost feels like you’re shooting your own film while inside this beautiful vintage bistro.

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Another cool news: our coffee pack has got a new look! Isn’t it rad? Just the perfect present for coffee lovers out there. You can order yours at the SHOP HERE section of the website.

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Alezon Bakery & Bistro is located in Tropical Ave., BF Homes Parañaque (just right beside Café Alezon), a three-minute drive from Southville International School.